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We want you to have the simplest, easiest buying experience possible. But we know you might have a few questions. Here are the most frequently asked.

  1. How can DentalPlus Software help my practice?

    DentalPlus Software is a secure cloud-based patient management system built using over 80 years of Dental Practice administration expertise. It has been fully designed with the user in mind, including an easy to use and intuitive interface which is driven by powerful functionality.

    Dental Plus offers the following benefits and more:

    • Easy to follow colour coded appointments
    • Searchable patient records
    • NHS claims management
    • Data gathering to produce reports and communications
    • Marketing suite to produce campaigns promoting targeted products and services
    • Easy-fill online forms which can be signed digitally
    • Secure online payments
    • Customisable interface to suit your specific practice needs

    For a free demonstration click here

  2. How Secure Is DentalPlus Software?

    DentalPlus software can run on any modern computer and has been developed to the highest security standards and the software is stored on UK hosted servers. We give clients the option to self-store practice data or we can cloud host it for you. If you do go for your own server then we make this doubly secure by backing the data up to our cloud using Microsoft Azure.

    We can also securely transfer most existing practice management software records to DentalPlus, except for where there may be a legal issue with a treatment plan. Of course, clients always have the final say on what checks are done and when any data can be transferred.

    You can discuss any security questions you may have with our in-house technical experts. Contact them here

  3. Is there a free trial of DentalPlus?

    Yes there is. Click here to book your no obligation demo and free trial now.

  4. What’s included with DentalPlus?

    Our all-inclusive package covers everything in the main DentalPlus programme plus online booking, forms, payments and tablet signature forms too. You can see the full list of features here.

    The process works in just a few easy steps:

    • Client sees demo, has a free trial and agrees to sign up
    • Contracts are signed
    • Installation begins, with setup and configuration (may take a few days)
    • Free online training is given to you and the team
    • Off you go!
  5. What’s DentalPlus aftercare like?

    Once you’re signed up to Admor DentalPlus, you become not just a valued customer, but part of our user team. Your feedback really helps us and we love working with customers to ensure they’re getting the very best out of our products.

    New customers get access to our online training videos so they can go over anything at any time, plus there is a full support section on our website too. In addition, customers can also call our helpline (and speak to a real person in the UK) during weekday working hours. Our support team is here to help with any after care queries, either by phone or email. We can even arrange one-to-one additional training sessions if needed.

  6. Is everything included in one price?

    In short, yes, everything listed in our product features and benefits section is included. The only thing that is not included is text messages as pricing for these varies with each practice.

  7. Can DentalPlus send reminders to patients?

    Yes, DentalPlus can send both SMS and email reminders to patients and preferences can be saved on their record.

    If you have any other questions about using DentalPlus then please don’t hesitate to contact our support team today

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DentalPlus’ IT department, the most amazing team I have ever come across in my professional life working in the Dental Environment. From the setting up to the data transfer, flawless help, never a delay in answering any of my e-mails, information and step by step tutorials always ready. This product is great quality and the full team behind it too.

Ms F

DentalPlus matched the price of our current provider. Their product is simple yet effective, with lots of features to make your daily experience easier. Easy to maneuver around the appointment book, find patients, etc. The Accounts manager, is a sweetheart, very knowledgeable about the software and a total joy to have as the Induction teacher.

Ms F

DentalPlus stood out with it’s easy-to-use and intuitive interface, driven by powerful functionality that was able to meet all of our requirements.

Dr B